People have been asking Team GTE, is The Marriott Rewards Premier worth upgrading to? Chase has recently released a new Marriott credit card coinciding with the Marriott Starwood merger.  The Marriott Rewards Premier Visa is designed to replace the original Marriott Rewards Visa.  For those with the original Marriott Rewards Visa, is it worth the upgrade?

Marriott Rewards Premier Plus

6x on Marriott/Starwood Hotels
2x on everything else
15 free Elite nights starting
2019 Automatic Silver Status
No foreign transaction fee
$95 Annual Fee

Marriott Rewards Visa

3x on Marriott
2x on airline car rentals and dining
1x on everything else
1 Elite Qualifying night for every $3000 spent
15 free nights / gold status
No foreign transaction fee
$85 Annual Fee

Should I Switch?

It depends on your situation.  At face value, it seems as if the Marriott Premier is an all around better deal with 6x points on Marriott hotels, 2x points on all other purchases.  Also, it offers up to 100k bonus points to switch for selected individuals.  But, this may not be the best choice for all individuals.  The key difference is that you do not accrue 1 elite quality nights for every $3000 spent.  This benefit is huge for those in-between Gold and Platinum status, as it makes it a lot easier to achieve Platinum Premier status.  Platinum Premier Elite is is a significant upgrade from Gold status.  

For those at platinum and going towards Ambassador status, it’s less beneficial as there is a 20k spend minimum to achieve that.  In that case, you literally need to live in Marriott / Starwood hotels.  Or, stay at ultra luxurious locations.

Also, one last thing to consider is the new Lifetime Status Program.  For lifetime Platinum Elite, you need 10 years at the new Platinum Elite and 600 total nights.  So, the Elite Qualifying Nights that you gain from the original Marriott Rewards card are super valuable, especially if you are close to achieving the next tier.

For Team GTE, we are sticking with the original Marriott Rewards card until we achieve Lifetime Platinum Status in 2019.

Until Next Time,

Team GTE

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