The Cathay Pacific The Pier lounge is one of 3 Business Class lounges in Terminal 1 of Hong Kong International Airport. The Pier is located near gate 65 and while it may be inconvenient for flights leaving from gates 1-20, it is totally worth it, as it is one of the largest business class lounges in the world.

Look for this sign to take the elevator down to the lounge.
Check in lobby

General Layout

Grade: A-

The lounge one of the few lounges that we have been to that is pretty much a completely horizontal layout. All the different sections from the yoga room, coffee, hot foods, noodle bar, tea room, showers, relaxation room are lined up one after another. Divided by a walkway, the other side of each section are window seating of all different types. The lounge just feels open and spacious, with ample seating so that one would rarely have to sit right next to another person. As The View lounge is directly below the terminal gates, the large windows give you the same view as what you would get at gate level. You can get up close and personal to your favorite Cathay Pacific plane, something that not all lounges can offer.

horizontal design
Western dining section
Bar Section
Noodle Bar
Tea Room
Relax Room


Grade: A

The Cathay Pacific The Pier lounge had the largest variety of seating of any lounge that we have in. Team GTE counted a whopping 20 different types of seats that were available throughout the lounge. From lounge chairs, cubbies, long tables, couches, bar stools, The View had it all. The type of seating that was most unique was the amount or group tables that they had. There are some tables that could fit 4+ families. From traveling solo to large families, the lounge can support it all.

Couch seating
Bar Stool Seating
Picnic style seating
Seating with a view
Booth seating
Living room style seating
Tea room seating


Grade: A-

The View Lounge had an impressive selection of drinks. It had your standard selection of beer, wine, liquor, coffees, teas, juices, soda, and water. Not only does The View Lounge have a great selection, but each part of the beverage experience was also carefully throughout. it had a dedicated coffee cart with hand pressed expresso. A full bar with dedicated bar seating. A fully dedicated tea room with 10+ loose leaf tea hand brewed for you. The tea room was designed like a modern day Chinese tea room, with proper height tables and seats to enjoy your fresh brew tea alone, or with company. The can/bottle beer selection was one of the best we have ever seen. From local Hong Kong Brewing company to Asahi, to Hoegaarden, the variety goes clearly above the normal business class lounge.

Water, soda, juices, and beer
Freshly brewed tea
Tea selection
Tea cart
Espresso cart
Skip the generic coffee machine



Grade: A-

The food was excellent. The sheer variety of food makes it unique compared to other lounges. There were dedicated sessions for Western, Chinese, and a made-to-order noodle / Bao bar. For most of the food, there is a chef there to actually serve you the food, just like how a 5-Star hotel would do it.

Pro Tip: if you get to the lounge around 10 AM and stay for at least 1.5 hours, you can catch both the breakfast and service to eat even more variety of food.

Dandan and wonton noodles
Asian selection
Western breakfast
Western lunch


Grade: A-

The overall ambiance of The View lounge can be summed up in two words: Luxurious and relaxing. There is everything a traveler would need to relax before a flight or get rejuvenated during a connection in-between a long flight. Everything from the perfect overhead lighting, the design of the lounge, the decor, and cleanliness are top notch. Not to mention there is a yoga and relaxation room for you to mentally relax.

View of the tarmac
Self-directed yoga
Meditation station


Grade: A-

The View lounge is the best business lounge we have been to. From the unique layout with each section thoughtfully created, from the seating, the selection of food and beverages, and overall ambiance makes the experience superb. The View definitely feels like one is in a 5-star hotel, something Hong Kong is well known for. The only thing we felt the lounge was missing, was the lack of fo real made to order meals(besides noodles) like at the United Polaris Lounge or custom-crafted cocktails. Other than that, it’s almost darn near perfect.

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