Hong Kong Airlines Club Autus opened in September of 2017 at the cost of $4.5 million dollars.  The 13,000 Sq. ft lounge is Hong Kong Airline’s Flagship lounge globally.


Located on center concourse, the lounge is quite easy to find, as it is where the majority of the Hong Kong Airlines flights are.  Follow the escalators up after the coming from the tram and you will find the entrance to Hong Kong Airlines Club Autus.

General Layout

Grade: A-

Like most modern lounges that we have been to, it is very big.  Guests are treated to open spacing, multiple seating areas, and ample natural light.  There are tables, benches, couches, lounge area, and a sleeping area.  Whereas other lounges that we have been to only have seats for you to lounge on, Hong Kong Airlines Club Autus lounge has seating arrangement all the way from work to relaxation.


Grade: B+

Hong Kong Airlines Club Autus has a good selection of drinks.  3 types of beer on draft, your standard cocktails, and liquor.  Of course, they have Hong Kong staples like iced lemon tea, hot milk tea, and a vast selection of Twinings Tea.  While other lounges had multiple drink stations, Club Autus only had one.  For how big the lounge was, they definitely could have fit in another refreshment station somewhere in the lounge!


Grade: B+

The food section meets all the basic requirements of a top tier lounge.  It has your finger food section fruits, sandwiches, etc.  Entree section with seasonal foods depending on the time of day.  Finally, it has your made to order section, which is made up to be like a local Hong Kong Style restaurant that you would find in the city.  All that was missing was the bbq chickens and ducks hanging from the ceiling!.

Where the lounge stood out as in the details. The food and even condiments were served Le Crueset pots and bowls.  Also their condiment section of hot sauces, radishes and other garnishes was the most extensive out of any lounge that we have been to.


Grade: B+

Hong Kong Airlines Club Autus Lounge has a nice ambiance.  The combination of the ample natural lighting and it being above ground level gives it a nice relaxed feeling. It has nice touches like a library, massage chairs, and curved wide screen monitors.  Also, since Hong Kong Airlines isn’t a large airline, the lounge isn’t filled with other alliance members.  It has more of a true exclusive feel.  We also like that it has limited number of TVs, but instead, focusing in on relaxing and enjoying the scenery right in the middle of the tarmac at Chek Lap Kok airport.


Grade: B+

The showers are located behind the check in station.  You have to request a shower booth from the front desk, who take your boarding pass as verification.  The showers are nice, as they are cleaned after every single use.  It came with your basic amenities such as toothbrush/toothpaste, comb, cotton swabs, but was lacking the face wash, face oil, nail files and other fine details that say an ANA lounge provides.  The shower head was a bit low and required a bit of maneuvering to get underneath it but offered ample shower pressure.


Grade: B+

Overal, the Hong Kong Airlines Club Autus Lounge met our exceptions. While there was nothing spectacular about it, the fact that it is lower profile and less crowded paired with awesome views of the tarmac for aviation geeks make it a nice change of pace from all the other mainstream lounges at Hong Kong Airport.

Until Next Time,

Team GTE