Airline Lounge Review: Lufthansa Senator Lounge

General Layout

Grade: A –

The layout was superb right from the start. Upon check in, there were two distinct sections for the Business Class Lounge and the Senator Lounge. I decided to go to the Senator Lounge, as it was larger. I was amazed at how large the lounge was. There was ample seating, food and beverage bar, two coffee stations, business centers, cell phone booths, showers, and even sleeping stations. Also, there were both United and Lufthansa representatives there to help with any of your travel needs. Although, you had to walk to the Business Class Lounge to talk to a United representative.

What I also did appreciate is that they actually try their best to limit the number of guests at the lounge. I saw the host turn people away, not allow people to pay for a single all day entry in respects to the paying customers that were already qualified to use the lounge. One last positive is that the lounge is actually easy to find. There are airports like Hong Kong International and Suvarnabhumi where the United Lounge and Thai Airway lounges are impossible to find.


Grade: A

I was impressed to see how many different types of seating the Senator Lounge had. They had your standard tables, couches, reclining couches, and bar seats spread throughout the lounge. The Senator Lounge had the widest range of seats of any lounges I have been to around the world. I think the pictures below help represent it best.

Standard table Reclining Couches 

Wall Couches

Bar Seats

Work Stations

Sleeping Stations


Grade : A –

The drinks at the Lufthansa Senator Lounge are all self-serve and was quite extensive. Not only do they have a lager and a weitbeer on draft, they also had an extensive selection in bottles. For hard Liquor, they had an extensive selection of aperitifs, vodka, gin, whiskey, cognac, and liquor. For wine they had a selection of reds, whites, rose, and bubbly. Further more impressive was an extensive selection of mixers to make your own mixed drinks such as tonic water etc.

They also had two coffee stations, one in the front and one in the back of the lounge, where you can make you whole selection of coffee and espresso drinks. I knew that Germans loved their beer, but also, I have quickly learned that they also take their coffee very seriously. One thing that I have seen in other lounges that would make their drink service even better would be to also have a manned bar. Some lounges that I have seen have a manned bar with signature drinks that the bartender can make, which to me, is a nice touch.


Grade: B

Maybe it’s me and German food, but I haven’t really developed a taste to it. They had a selection of breads, salads, and hot entrées. For hot entrees that day they had a chicken curry w/ rice, vegan bolognese, sausages, and a vegetable soup. For snacks they had a selection of nuts candies, pretzels, and even a kid friendly section. Overall, the food was just ok and I spent more time at the drink station.s I think there is much to be improved on the food selection at the Lufthansa Senator Lounge. The best lounges that I have been to regarding food had in house chefs that would make you noodles, rice dishes, or even sashimi. Also on the quality side, their sausages looked like cheap Oscar Meyer sausages. Ironically, I’ve had better and juicier sausages (hot dogs) at the EVA lounge in Taipei.  


Grade: B-

The bathrooms were the most disappointing part of the Lufthansa Senator Lounge. I didn’t try their showers, but the actual bathroom left much to be desired. There were no amenities such a lotion, toothbrush, or toothpaste. And, the bathrooms weren’t very clean and smelled a bit like urine. Another interesting thing that I saw in the bathroom was a sharps container. Is it for your epipen, or heroin needle?


Lufthansa Senator Lounge overall grade: B+

Overall the Lufthansa Senator Lounge was very good, especially if your needs are in the seating and drinks category. For those who have a very long layover in Frankfurt and if you are lucky enough to snag a bed and shower time, you could practically spend the whole day comfortably. The Lufthansa Senator Lounge is definitely on GTE’s of Top 10 lounges.

Until Next Time,

Team GTE