Marriott Rewards Insiders is a great resource for hotel points junkies. Furthermore, it’s especially useful during the transition of SPG and Marriott loyalty programs. The great thing about the site is that normal travelers like yourself post questions that are answered not only by other forum members, but “Community Managers,” which are official Marriott staff. It’s easy to not realize that this is an official Marriott website, which you use your Marriott Rewards login to join.

Here are a couple of useful things that you can use the Marriott Rewards Insiders for:

SPG / Marriott Loyalty Program Merger Information

There is an abundance of great information regarding the loyalty program mergers, as is always kept up to date as this is probably the #1 hot topic right now for both Marriott and Starwood. For those who are close to achieving one of the lifetime status tiers, this is the resource for you.

Points Redemption

Everyone’s other favorite topic.  Marriott Rewards Insiders is a great place to see how other’s accumulate and redeem valuable Marriott Points.  Get your ideas on how to maximize your points accumulation and redemption values from actual road warriors.

General Questions

I was impressed by how quickly and accurate of a response I got when submitting a question via the Marriott Rewards Insiders Q&A section. In my case, I had a question regarding my lifetime points, which suddenly 1) weren’t being updated in Marriott Rewards account and 2) showing as zero on the app. I filled out a generic form, which prompted me an automated response that a Community Manager would get back to me within 24 hours. Surprisingly, I quickly got a message back from a Community Manager that the system was broken and got a follow up message with my exact lifetime points.

As compared to other loyalty programs, this is an additional resource put the Marriott Loyalty program over time top. In fact, I got a more accurate answer from the Marriott Rewards Insiders Community Managers as compared to calling into the Platinum Elite hotline.


In conclusion, any points geek should definitely sign up and utilize the Marriott Rewards Insider forum. It offers more accurate, up to date, and unbiased content as compared to travel sites such as The Points Guy.

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Team GTE

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