There are plenty of airlines that offer status match programs.  But, for most, it just offers a fast track to achieving the same status and isn’t automatic. Southwest Airlines Status Match is one of the few airlines that gives you instant A-Lister status for 90 months when you apply.  It can give you some nice perks like priority boarding, 1.25x points accumulation, and free same day standby.  If you  fly 3 more round trip flights, 6 one-way, or 8,000 tier points during your 90 day promotional period, you will get your status extended for another 12 months.

How to apply

To apply for the Southwest Airlines Status Match, all you literaly need is to email [email protected] with your:

First Name
Last name
Southwest Rapid Reward#
Screenshot of your elite status on another domestic airline

The best part about this program is how fast the process it.  We applied on a Saturday morning and got an email back within 10 minutes saying that it was done.  Our Southwest profile was instantly upgraded to A-lister.

When to apply

When should you apply for the Southwest Airlines Status Match? It’s best to apply for this status matches if you know you have some domestic flights in the near future, as only flights AFTER your status match application count.  For those that don’t fly Southwest that often, you can use this opportunity to get a taste of it.  For short Domestic travel, it’s one of the better options mainly because there are no change fees and bags fly free.  Also, they are a whole lot friendlier than most domestic airlines.

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Team GTE

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